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2 Cerita Cinderella dan Timun Mas Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Cinderella dan Timun Mas Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella and she had two ugly step sisters who were very unkind who made her do all the hard work. She had to sweep the floors, do all the dishes, while they dressed up in fine clothes and went to lots of parties.

One day a special invitation arrived at Cinderella’s house. It was from the royal palace. The king’s only son was a truly handsome prince was going to have a grand ball. Three girls were invited to come. Cinderella knew she wouldn’t be allowed to go to the ball. But the ugly sisters, ho ho ho, they were excited. They couldn’t talk about anything else.

When the day of the ball came, they made such a fuss. Poor Cinderella had to rush about upstairs and downstairs. She fixed their hair in fancy waves and curls. She helped them put on their expensive new dresses. And she arranged their jewels just so. As soon as they had gone, Cinderella sat down by the fire and she said. “Oh I do wish I could go to the ball”. The next moment, standing beside her was a lovely old lady with a silver wand in here hand. “Cinderella, she said ” I am your fairy godmother and you shall go to the ball. But first you must go into the garden and pick a golden pumpkin, then bring me six mice from the mousetraps, a whiskered rat from the rat trap, and six lizards. You’ll find the lizards behind the watering can.

So Cinderella fetched a golden pumpkin, six grey mice, a whiskered rate, six lizards. The fairy godmother touched them with her wand and the pumpkin became a golden coach, the mice became six grey horses, the rat became a coachman with the most enormous moustache, and the lizards became six footmen dressed in green and yellow, then the fairy godmother touched Cinderella with the wand and her old dress became a golden dress sparkling with jewels while on her feet was the prettiest pair of glass slippers ever seen. Remember said the fairy godmother you must leave the ball before the clock strikes twelve because at midnight the magic ends. “Thank you fairy godmother” said Cinderella and she climbed into the coach.

When Cinderella arrived at the ball she looked so beautiful that everyone wondered who she was! Even the ugly sisters. The Prince of course asked here to dance with him and they danced all evening. He would not dance with anyone else. Now Cinderella was enjoying the ball so much that she forgot her fairy godmothers warning until it was almost midnight and the clock began to strike. One. Two. Three. She hurried out of the ballroom. Four. Five. Six. As she ran down the palace steps one of her glass slippers fell off. Seven. Eight. Nine. She ran on toward the golden coach. Ten Eleven Twelve. Then there was Cinderella in her old dress. The golden pumpkin lay in her feet. And scampering down off down the road were six grey mice, a whiskered rat and six green lizards.. So Cinderella had to walk home and by the time the ugly sisters returned home was sitting quietly by the fire.

Now when Cinderella ran from the palace, the prince tried to follow her and he found the glass slipper. He said, “I shall marry the beautiful girl whose foot fits this slipper and only her. IN the morning the prince went from house to house with the glass slipper and every young lady tried to squeeze her foot into it. But it didn’t’ fit any of them.

At last the prince came to Cinderella’s house. First one ugly sister tried to squash her foot into the slipper. But her foot was too wide and fat. Then the other ugly sister tried but her foot was too long and thin. Please said Cinderella, let me try. “The slipper won’t fit you”, said the ugly sisters. “You didn’t go to the ball!” But Cinderella slipped her foot into the glass slipper and it fit perfectly. The next moment standing beside her was the fairy godmother. She touched Cinderella with the wand and there she was in a golden dress sparkling with jewels and on her feet was the prettiest pair of glass slippers ever seen. The ugly sisters were so surprised that, for once they couldn’t think of anything to say. But the Prince knew what to say. He asked Cinderella to marry him.

And then there was a happy wedding. Everyone who had gone to the ball was invited, even the ugly sisters. There was wonderful food, lots of music and dancing. And the Prince of course danced every dance with Cinderella. He would not dance with anyone else.
Cerita Cinderella dan Timun Mas Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Long time ago, living a couple of farmers. They live in a village near the forest. They live happy, unfortunately they have not only was a child also.

Every day they pray to the God. They pray to be soon be a child. One day a giant passes where they reside. Giant prayer is heard that wife’s husband. Giant then provide them with seeds cucumber.

“Plant seeds of this, Later you will soon get a female child,” said the giant.
“Thank you, giant,” said the couple.
“But there is condition, at the age of 17 years the child must be submitted with you to me,” the giant reply.
Without thinking long they agree, because it wanted a child.

Husband and wife farmers to plant the seeds cucumber. Every day they start caring for the plants that grow with it as best as possible. Many months and then bear a cucumber with golden color.
Fruit cucumber that the longer become larger and heavier. When the fruit is ripe, they take it, carefully slit the fruit. Sudenlly, in the fruit is found in infants of women who are very beautiful. Couple was very happy, they gave the name of the baby Timun Mas.

Year after year passed, Timun Mas grown into a beautiful girl. Both parents are very proud of her. But they became very afraid, because in the anniversary Timun Mas at 17, the giant will back. The giant take back that promises to take Timun Mas.

Farmers are trying to calm. “Wait a moment. Timun Mas playing. My wife would called her,” he said. Farmers find it immediately to her doughter. “My girl, take this,” she said while giving a cloth bag. “This will help fight the giant. Now flee as soon as possible,” she said. So even Timun Mas immediately fled.

Couple on the sad departure Timun Mas. But they are not willing if their child become food giant. Giant waiting long time. He was not a patient. He knew, was that lied by couple of farmers. And he also destroyed the huts of the farmers. Then it was to pursue Timun Mas to forest.

Giant run chase immediately Timun Mas. Near the gian,Timun Mas immediately take the handful of salt from the cloth pouch. Then salt spread it to the giant. Suddenly a wide sea also unfold. Giant forced to swim with great difficulty.

Timun Mas ran again. But then most successful giant come closer. Timun Mas again taking bizarre objects from a cloth bag. He took the handful chili. Chili throwed to the giant. At once the tree branches and sharp thorns of the giant trap. Giant cried in pain. Timun Mas while running to save herself.

But the giant is really strong. He was again nearly captured Timun Mas. So Timun Mas is also a third issue of miraculous. She sow seeds Cucumber magic. At once grow the cucumber garden very knowledgeable. Giant very tired and hungry. He also eat the fresh cucumber with oneself. Because of too much eating, giant was slept.
Timun Mas again fled. She ran for dear life. But long run power out. More unlucky again because a giant awakened from sleep. Giant again almost catch her. Timun Mas very terrified. He also threw the last tool handful shrimp paste. Again, miracles happen. A lake of mud spread wide. Giant fall into it. Hands almost reach Timun Mas. But the lake mud is basic to withdraw it. Giant panic, he can not breathe, then submerged.

Timun Mas relieved. She has survived, Timun Mas is also return to home to their parents. Father and mother’s Timun Mas happy to see Timun Mas be save. They held, “Thank you, God. You have to save my girl,” said their delighted.

Since that time Timun Mas can live quietly with her parents. They can be happy without living in fear again.

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