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Soal Bahasa Inggris - Asking and Giving Permission


1.    X    : Excuse me, Sir. May I close the door? It’s windy outside.
Y    : Oh, sure.
In the dialogue, X is asking for …
a.    Help
b.    Permission
c.    Agreement
d.    Information
2.    O    : May I come to your house this afternoon?
P    : … I’m going to grandma’s house this afternoon. Maybe next time?
O    : Ok. Maybe next time.
a.    Sure.
b.    I’m afraid you can’t.
c.    With my pleasure.
d.    Yes, please
3.    ….. borrow your dictionary?
a.    Shall
b.    Can
c.    May I
d.    Would
4.    Tono    : Oh, my stomach hurts. Can you get me “Diatabs), please? It is on the table.
Tina    : …. Here it is.
Tono    : Thank you.
a.    Of course you are
b.    I doubt
c.    Never mind
d.    Certainly
5.    Can I …. Your car?
a.    Use
b.    Lending
c.    Borrowed
d.     Used
6.    Ratih    : Could I go home early today?
Boss    : ……….
a.    Yes, we could.
b.    Yes, certainly.
c.    No, I couldn’t.
d.    Yes, I do.
7.    Steven    : ……………?
Bian    : Yes, of course you may.
a.    Are you going to the cinema this weekend?
b.    Did I meet you last year?
c.    Is she visiting you this weekend?
d.    May I go to your house this weekend?
8.    John    : could I smoke here in this room?
Jack    : ………………
a.    Yes, I will.
b.    No, I’m afraid you can’t.
c.    Would you?
d.    Yes, I do.
9.    Manager     : Tom, ... take this note to the accounting department?
Tom     : Yes, certainly.
a.    Is it possible for you
b.    Could you please,
c.    May I tell you
d.    Should 1 ask you
e.    Can I tell you to

10.    Dito     : Excuse me ...,?
Diah     : Oh, of course. Here it is!
a.    Can you help me
b.    Could you do this me
c.    Could you do me a favor
d.    May I borrow your dictionary
e.    Would you mind opening the door

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